The ones we share are at the surface. The ones we keep private are deeper still.
An IMG crossover show
I have no idea what to make of this.
Jules Woodson, an advocate for abuse survivors, is launching a new initiative to help survivors obtain therapy access, as reported at RNS: “The…
This week’s guest is Rabbi Danya Ruttenberg, author of the new book On Repentance and Repair: Making Amends in an Unapologetic World. This show is not…
🎙️PEP Talk: On the notion of "solidity"Listen now (9 min) | and how social media has the capacity to overextend us.
"The Southern Baptist Convention’s Deal With the Devil"
I opened TikTok today, and the current impressions for the #exvangelical hashtag stand at 985M views. It is on track to surpass 1 billion impressions in…
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