What is The Post-Evangelical Post?

The Post-Evangelical Post is a newsletter about belief, technology, and society—with a focus on white evangelicalism and its influence in American society—by me, Blake Chastain. I also host the podcasts Exvangelical and Powers & Principalities, and write extensively about topics related to deconstruction, faith shifts, identity, and media/technology.

Exvangelical focuses on the stories of people who have left white evangelicalism; Powers & Principalities focuses on the systems & institutions that perpetuate white evangelical influence in politics and society.

The Post-Evangelical Post….posts…fall into these categories:

  • ❌ Exvangelical (podcast show notes)

  • 📱 Shaped By Tools (tech & media commentary)

  • 📚 The Good Books (book reviews)

  • ⚖️ Powers & Principalities (podcast show notes)

  • ✍🏻 Marginalia (link-blogging)

Why subscribe?

This newsletter is reader-supported. You can support the newsletter at $4, $6, or $8/month rates. I donate 25% of net revenue to organizations that serve populations harmed by white evangelicalism each month: those organizations are White Homework and The Religious Exemption Accountability Project (more may be selected in the future, as subscriptions rise).

Supporter perks include:

  • ad-free podcast feeds to Exvangelical and Powers & Principalities

  • Discord access

  • access to subscriber-only posts

  • more coming in late-2022

For more information about why I do this, read this post:

The Post-Evangelical Post
The Next Chapter for The Post-Evangelical Post, Exvangelical, and Beyond
The Story So Far Five years ago, I started the Exvangelical podcast in an effort to understand why so many people, myself included, had decided to leave the white evangelical church that formed me, and I used the #exvangelical hashtag in order to promote the podcast. It has since taken on a life of its own, garnering over 100k impressions per day on Twit…
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By subscribing to The Post-Evangelical Post, you will stay in-the-loop about developments within evangelicalism, as well as projects from people who have left evangelicalism and have things to say.

By purchasing a paid subscription, you enable Blake to commit more time and energy to developing the newsletter, the Exvangelical and Powers &Principalities podcasts, and other projects. During the the lead-up to the US election and amidst the pandemic, most content has been made available for free. As time continues, more content will be price-gated and made available to only to subscribers.

For more information on Blake’s projects, visit blakechastain.com and follow him on Twitter.

What does “exvangelical” mean?

Blake coined the #exvangelical hashtag on Twitter in 2016 and began podcasting that same year. It regularly receives over 100,000 daily impressions on Twitter, has been used on Instagram over 70,000 times as of January 2022, and over 550 million times on TikTok. Read Blake’s essay providing a working definition of ‘exvangelical’ here on exvangelicalpodcast.com.

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