This week I was joined by Teddy Wilson from Radical Reports to discuss his experience covering the radical right. We talk about how important language…
A response to the CT article stating “The Church Needs Reformation, Not Deconstruction.”
Praise Allalae.
Shape God, Shape Change.
We aren't going back to a world of white evangelical privilege.
Social Media Reconsidered, Redux
A brief look at how the show & my relationship to this work has changed in the last six years.
Cultivating personal spirituality outside community
There's no good reason to avoid talking about it. So let's try.
PEP Talk: On Tim Keller's latest Atlantic pieceListen now (37 min) | Revival shouldn't happen without reckoning.
PEP Talk: "He Gets Us," but they don't get it's NOT a PR problemListen now (18 min) | It's a sin problem, not a[n ad] spend problem.
In no particular order.