On Democratic despair & myopia.

Today’s political conversation will be dominated by analysis of the Youngkin win in Virginia. My gut reaction is that many Democratic voters and leaders have disengaged too early from the partisan fight for control of governance - and with a GOP base where more than two-thirds believe the election was stolen from Trump.

I keep thinking about these tweets from Sarah Posner today:

And while there may not be an explicitly Christian Reconstructionist involvement in the 2021 Virginia gubernatorial race, this passage from Julie Ingersoll’s book still provokes anxiety for me, because I don’t see this type of planning on the Democratic side of the aisle:

Even after the chaos and instability of the Trump administration, even after the blatant coup attempt on January 6th, it is still the conservative vision that is dictating our national agendas and conversations. This worries me.

What are you thinking about today, in light of this news? Tell me in the comments.