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Thank you Blake for this episode. I think I relate to your struggle both about financially supporting your desire to share your thoughts and experiences and about asking for help. I have something of that same desire, but I'm fearful of being misunderstood so I don't post on Substack very often And even more, I don't want to ask for money because a lot of the people I want to reach have very little. The advice I get from others is to become more like other "successful" people or businesses, but I don't like that model. I have no real advice except to share what I've done. 1. Therapy, although they do seem to want to convince me to go the way of most "success". But I understand their perspective. 2. I read a lot about alternative economies so that I keep my own perspective that this doesn't have to be this way and could be easier on all us who don't want to play the same game. 3. I'm picking my friends and the kind of time I spend with them. And this is harder because I have to change my behavior of wanting to talk about the things that I want to write about. Tricky sentence, but my friends are true friends, even if they don't want to hear all of my thoughts. No monetary success from these actions, but I think I'm feeling less alone.

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