(Super) Tuesday Open Thread

It’s Super Tuesday. The Democratic establishment is coalescing around Joe Biden. I’m still thinking about this PRRI study on Trump’s favorability.

From the same study, here’s a brief synopsis of Trump’s opposition:

“While Republicans are mostly united behind Trump, Democrats are even more united against him. More than eight in ten (83%) Democrats say they hold an unfavorable view of Trump, including a 61% majority who say they have a very unfavorable view. Americans who identify as Democrats hold unfavorable views of Trump, even within groups who are more likely to view Trump favorably overall. Majorities of Democratic seniors age 65 and older (85%), white Democratic men (78%), and white Democrats without a college degree (72%) all hold solidly unfavorable views of Trump.

Besides Democrats, a few key constituencies stand out in their opposition to Trump: black Americans, Hispanic Americans, religiously unaffiliated Americans, non-Christian religious Americans, and multiracial Americans. Regardless of most other demographic factors, these groups are overwhelmingly opposed to Trump across nearly every metric.”

How are you feeling about the 2020 race going into Super Tuesday? Which remaining candidate do you believe can build a coalition to respond to Trump? Sound off in the comments.