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By "stretch" do you mean "challenge?" I'm not quite sure what you mean there.

What you are calling the "post/ex-evangelical perspective" is simply one that looks outside that enclave for useful insight, direction, and analysis relative to a failed and broken culture that has betrayed it. By his own words, this is Fea's position. Yet he doesn't even think of drawing on figures and resources outside the fold, probably for the same reason you assume that would be an antithetical, anti-Evangelical perspective. But when you're trying to engage in self-criticism, maybe outside perspectives would help?

This reads like a safe rant that risks nothing and mainly circles around Fea positioning himself with his preferred stable of canonical Evangelical influencers as the people who should be heeded and promoted when Trump is gone. He still seems to be committed to the idea that Trump is an aberration, and things were pretty good with the Reagan and Bush I-II administrations. A lot of it just seems unhinged to me.

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