I am pretty tuned out to right-wing cheering for Trump in the US. Even the worst of the right in Canada may be shifting a lot after the debate or see the wisdom of doing so. It really angered and scared folks up here — the shoutout to the PBs, who are Canadian in origin. Once people decide the US is a broken, post-democratic fascist coup in progress they just want to contain it, and we've just not seen that kind of geopolitical shakeup yet, as alliances and real friendships have been holdin up with great forbearance. This new level of fear and desire to keep Americans and their influences out stirs an uncomfortable and long-standing undercurrent in Canada that may be a boon to their own conservatives if they pivot to differentiate themselves. In many countries the US may feed others' nationalism/protectionism/borderism in the long run.

Check out (on Twitter) @EmilyGorcenski's projects The Guardian recently profiled. I was surprised/not surprised to learn Ben Shapiro connects with a lot of violent extremists.

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