Tuesday Thread: The ahistorical presentation of white evangelical ideas.

Tuesday Threads are used to explore and discuss half-formed ideas. (Yes, I know how that sounds, but I can’t think of a better way to say it.)

Lately my mind has been circling around the way white evangelical theology is expressed ahistorically, as if the ideas now common among conservative white evangelicals are as eternal and immutable as their vision of god. This ahistorical vision of Christianity is most fully expressed in presuppositionalism, but examples can be concise enough to fit into a tweet:

This thread on “anti-racism and anti-anti-racism” is emblematic of this ahistorical presentation. By using blanket terms like “Christianity,” Keller and others do a disservice to their readers by posturing as if there is only one acceptable form of Christian thought and ethics and it has always been consistent. It occludes valid Christian traditions beyond his own, and privileges an understanding of Christianity with a comparatively short history. It also makes enemies out of potential allies, and reads challenges as threats:

I’m no stranger to the “biblical Christian worldview” as taught by its proponents. It is internally coherent, but that coherence resists external scrutiny.

What are some other examples of ahistorical presentations of white evangelical Christianity? Let me know here or on Twitter.

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