Two Thoughts: On bad tweets & "the creator economy"

Here’s where my head is today.

First, I saw this tweet from Tim Keller and added my own commentary. I elaborated on the tweet in the IG caption:

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“This is such a callous teaching for a moment like this. In a social environment where a population equivalent to Seattle has died of coronavirus, where a mass shooting at a school doesn’t even garner first page coverage, where women’s reproductive rights are threatened, where racial justice is not achieved, where so many social ills thrive - this teaching will only serve to help people keep their hearts hardened. And evangelicals wonder why people leave their churches.”

Second, I had some stray thoughts about podcasting and that nebulous network of monetization we call “the creator economy:”

This thread continues from there; head on over to Twitter to read the rest.

On the note of monetization - I sent out a survey recently and got some good feedback. In response, I’m exploring moving this newsletter to Ghost, or alternatively just offering “tiered direct support” allowing folks to support my work (at the level they are able or desire to) at $2/$4/$6/$8 per month, through the coupon function of Substack (these tiers would be available for current and new subscribers). Let me know your thoughts!

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