It always amazes me when they cite Christ’s nature. If you really study Christ’s attitude toward children, no one would ever have tolerated the cruelty and paranoid beliefs about children. They are so far off of Jesus’ nature and own beliefs, I am always left scratching my head! I no longer believe that he was immortal, but the Bible is burned into my mind. Raised SB and years of belief and bible college... If I know Christ’s attitudes, then how on earth could these people claim the same, as they beat “willful” babies? In my opinion, the SBC should be destroyed. Time’s up on the child abuse, alone! Children like myself should NOT have suffer such an upbringing.

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When you write "an Anglican splinter group, the Anglican Church in America", you used the incorrect name for the Anglican splinter ACNA - you called it "the Anglican Church in America". There are 2 separate Anglican factions:

ACA - the Anglican Church in America.

ACNA - the Anglican Church in *North* America".

Neither are LGBT+affirming. The ACNA splintered over the 'homosexual issue', but they now have a great scandal of heterosexual sin scandal. I am sooo impressed with the ANCA! Anywho.

A relative of mine converted to the ACA.

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