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📱The Vibe Shift That Was Foretold Came, & Twitter Did Not Survive It

❌ New Episode: Doing Nothing Is No Longer An Option, with Jenny Booth Potter

📚The Value of Rest

IMG Spotlight: Speaking In Church

❌ 2022 Midterm Debrief with Angela Denker

MIT Technology Review: Here’s how a Twitter engineer says it will break in the coming weeks

US Election Day: Join the Post-Ev Post subscriber chat

⚖️ New Episode: On the Museum of the Bible with Cavon Concannon & Jill Hicks-Keeton

On The "Reconstructing Evangelicalism" Conference: Overall Thoughts

📱Twitter Enters Its Musk Era.

❌New episode: Jeanna Kadlec, author of Heretic: A Memoir

PEP Talk: Upcoming episodes, some initial thoughts on the Reconstructing Evangelicalism Conference

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Recommended Reading: KKDM on critiquing (& platforming?) harmful ideas, Diana Butler Bass on evangelical wreckage

❌ New episode: Becca Andrews, author of NO CHOICE

✍🏻openDemocracy | Court ruling should inspire US Left to reclaim meaning of ‘religious freedom’

Grief, Compassion, and Change.

❌ Kristin Peterson, author of Unruly Souls

On Public & Private Griefs

New episode: On Religious—and Post-Religious—Burnout, with the REVcovery podcast

✍🏻+ 📱WIRED | "Neal Stephenson Named the Metaverse. Now, He's Building It

✍️RNS | "Jules Woodson and tech exec team up to help abuse survivors get therapy and heal"

❌ New episode: Rabbi Danya Ruttenberg, author of On Repentance and Repair

🎙️PEP Talk: On the notion of "solidity"

Recommended Reading: Sarah Posner at The Nation

📱#exvangelical approaches 1B impressions

From the Archive: Sam Perry & Andrew Whitehead discuss Christian Nationalism

📚 Remembering Frederick Buechner

✍🏻+ 📱 Wired | This Man Set the Record for Wearing a Brain-Computer Interface

A Short Audio Test

Recommended Reading: Fighting Flesh & Blood

BREAKING: AP reports SBC is under investigation by DOJ.

From the Archive: David Bazan

Precedented Unprecedentism

New op-ed at RNS

Monday Morning Reading List

Morning Subscriber thread, 7/25/22

6 Years of Exvangelical

✍🏻 Garbage Day | "Building a new Titanic on the deck of the old one"

✍🏻Men Yell At Me | Raising Up an Army for God

✍🏻Platformer | Ev Williams gives up

❌As white evangelical hegemony ended, white Christian nationalist minority rule began.

Recommended Reading: Christian Nationalism on TikTok; Evangelical Lobbyists Praying with SCOTUS Justices, More

As white evangelical hegemony ended, white Christian nationalist minority rule began.

❌ New episode: Jo Luehmann

Tuesday (update: aka Wednesday) Subscriber Thread - 6/29/22

❌ Exvangelical has reached over 800,000 downloads 📈

Post-Roe America

❌ New episode: Happy Pride!

✍🏻 ¡Hola, Papi! | "I'm looking for awe"

A reminder: You do not have to look back.

✍🏻 Audio Insurgent | "Does Podcasting Lack A Middle Class?"

✍🏻 The Present Age | On the internet, no one knows you're a dog

New episode: Ryan Haupt

📱REAL LIFE | "Influencer Creep"

The Fungibility of Fundamentalism

Step 1: Subsume Entire Medium Format

Morning Thread, 6/13/22

What's new is old.

On the need for beliefs to change

White Too Long (Re-release with new intro)

Live Free and Die

New episode: Nick Ripatrizone, author of Digital Communion

Radical Reports | Great rundown of recent articles about white supremacy.

Let the circle be broken.

New episode: Andre Henry, author of All The White Friends I Couldn't Keep

Apocalypse now, apocalypse later, apocalypse every day

New episode: April Ajoy

Audio Essay: The leaked SCOTUS ruling shows why white evangelicals supported Trump en masse

WIRED | Is Leaking a Supreme Court Opinion a Crime? The Law Is Far From Clear

Roxanne Gay's NYT Op-Ed: It's Time to Rage

PEP Talk: On the SCOTUS leak.

The leaked SCOTUS ruling shows why white evangelicals supported Trump en masse

Audio Essay: Twitter & The Counterpublic Sphere

4/27/22 Morning Thread

Twitter & The Counterpublic Sphere

The Complicated Grief of Good Friday

Re-Release: Pete Holmes (2019 Interview)

📚All The White Friends I Couldn't Keep

Reading Recs: Two Must-Reads from this Week

📚A Reminder from Art & Fear

Morning thread 3/29/22: New books!

Morning Thread 3/28/22

Morning Thread 3/25/22 - Tell Us What You're Reading on Twitter Spaces

📱 "The reality is: human beings, unfortunately, are giant babies in the virtual world"

Some thoughts on healing, post-surgery

Temporarily Offline. 📴

The Both-And of Lent (Audio Essay)

Morning Memo, 3/2/2022

Everything Now

Re-Release: White Evangelical Racism with Anthea Butler.

Morning Memo, 2/22/22

📱Discourse Whiplash & Social Media

White Evangelicals Must Stop Consulting Themselves

New podcast appearance: Go Home Bible, You're Drunk

No morning memo today.

Morning Memo, in the afternoon, 2/15/22

New episode: Melissa Stewart

Morning Memo (Pacific Time), 2/9/22

Morning Memo, 2/8/22

Evangelicalism didn't "go political" with Trumpism. It’s always been this way.

Morning Memo, 2/3/22

Morning Memo: 2/2/21

📚 The Good Books: How to Have An Enemy

On Expressing & Forming Identity Online

📚TGB Reading Stack

Exvangelical - A Working Definition

🧶Subscriber Open Thread, 1/11/22

First we shape our tools; thereafter…

An Inauspicious Anniversary: 1 Year Since the Jan 6 Coup Attempt