Sitemap - 2023 - The Post-Evangelical Post

πŸ“š The Comfort of Fictional Religions: The Spark

PEP Talk, 9/25/23

An update on Exvangelical & Beyond

❌ Begin Again

πŸ“š Echoing Mary Oliver

πŸ“±The Impossibility of Fallow Periods Online

The Extreme Self

Finding Your Footing

The Space Between Naming & Meeting A Need

❌| Re-Release: The Religious Exemption Accountability Project

I Still Haven’t Socially Recovered from Lockdown.

Pedro the Lion & The Permission to Change

❌New episode: R. Scott Okamoto, Asian American Apostate

Minisode: What I'm Reading in May 2023

πŸ“šWhat I'm Reading: May 2023

❌ | New episode: Holly Laurent of MEGA returns

πŸ“±| Verifiably Confusing: Status Anxiety, Conferred Legitimacy, and Verification's Pay-to-Play Pivot

❌ | On Public & Private Griefs

PEP Talk 4/11/23 - Intro to Substack Notes (& Post-Ev Post)

❌ New episode - Gloria Beth Amodeo: God's Ex-Girlfriend

Mundane Updates

PEP Talk, 3/6/23: I'm ready for a new story

PEP Talk - Week of 2/27/23

πŸ“š+ ✍🏻| Fill in some knowledge gaps with Stamped from the Beginning

❌ | Lenny Duncan Is Preparing for a World Beyond the Church

✍🏻+πŸ“±| "A social network taxonomy"

❌ | 200 episodes of Exvangelical

πŸ“š The Comfort of Fictional Religions: Octavia Butler's Earthseed

PEP Talk: "He Gets Us," but they don't get it's NOT a PR problem

✍🏻| Erin In The Morning: First Period Anti-Trans Legislative Risk Assessment Map

❌ | From the Archive: Talking Burnout with Anne Helen Petersen

PEP Talk: On Tim Keller's latest Atlantic piece

❌ | New ep: Potential Futures for Spirituality with Kevin Garcia

❌From the Archive: God, Human, Animal, Machine with Meghan O'Gieblyn

πŸ“šThe Comfort of Fictional Religions: Bokononism, a useful religion founded on lies

PEP Talk 1/23/23

❌ New ep: Teddy Wilson on nationalist movements, the J6 & J8 insurrections, and more

❌ New ep: The Comfort of Fictional Religions

✍🏻+πŸ“±| Paleofuture: Watch a Cranky Marshall McLuhan Explain the Future of Ads and the Internet in 1966

✍🏻| A Public Witness: "Christian Nationalism Invades Brazil."

✍🏻RNS | "Exvangelical TikTok worship parodies bring unexpected healing"

πŸ“šThe Comfort of Fictional Religions: The Sensayers of Terra Ignota

PEP Talk: 1/9/23

❌ Preparing for War: the extremist history of White Christian Nationalism with Bradley Onishi

πŸ“šThe Comfort of Fictional Religions: the Monk & Robot books

PEP Talk: To Gentle Beginnings