Republishing my March 2019 essay.
🧶Subscriber Open Thread, 1/11/22Hi there, supporters - this is this week’s open thread here on Post-Ev Post. Of course, the conversation is always open and ongoing in the Disco…
…our tools shape us.
Featuring a conversation with Chrissy Stroop.
I usually feel stretched thin during the run-up to the holidays. This year is no different.
The discord is taking shape.
Monday Thread: Tweets of InterestWe’re inching closer to the holidays. Here’s a couple of tweets that caught my eye today. Oh, Elon. You can tweet whatever you want and still be…
Evangelicals are trying to turn “deconstruction” into a loaded phrase. That metaphor is telling.
In this mini, Blake talks about the recent spat of discussion about exvangelicals and people deconstructing that is happening. Parts of this script are…
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Two Thoughts: On bad tweets & "the creator economy"Here’s where my head is today. First, I saw this tweet from Tim Keller and added my own commentary. I elaborated on the tweet in the IG caption:
How the Bible's role in my life has changed from childhood to today.