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Monday Thread: Tweets of Interest

On the Deconstruction Discourse

On the Deconstruction Discourse

Subhack: Introducing New Support Tiers for The Post-Ev Post

Two Thoughts: On bad tweets & "the creator economy"

Reading, Scripture, and Change.

Cyber Monday Deal: 50% off for 12 months!

Jeff Sharlet (Cheery Thanksgiving Conversation Starter Re-Release)

Wednesday Evening Subscriber Open Thread

4 Unsung Skills of Exvangelicals

New Episode: 1 Year Since the 2020 Election with Brad Onishi

1 Year Since the 2020 Election, with Brad Onishi

✍🏻 Some Personal News 📖

On Democratic despair & myopia.

When someone says your story "makes them feel sad."

Monday Subscriber Thread, 10/25/21

White Evangelicalism Does Not Want to Be Reformed.

Minisode: Funding the Next Chapter of Exvangelical

Tuesday Thread: The ahistorical presentation of white evangelical ideas.

The Next Chapter for The Post-Evangelical Post, Exvangelical, and Beyond

Update for paid supporters

New episode: The Religious Exemption Accountability Project

The Religious Exemption Accountability Project

New episode - Meghan O'Gieblyn, author of God, Human, Animal, Machine: Technology, Metaphor, and the Search for Meaning

Meghan O'Gieblyn, author of "God, Human, Animal, Machine"

New feature on Exvangelicals in Axios

Peterson Toscano On Activism, Trauma, and Curiosity

A Timely Reminder About the Religious Right, in light of TX SB8

Christian Nationalist Political Tactics with Katherine Stewart (Re-Release)

Op-Ed in Religion News Service

New Episode: In Conversation with Jamie Lee Finch

In Conversation with Jamie Lee Finch

Tucker in Hungary in Context (Sarah Posner Re-Release)

Ok, let's address it: Josh Harris and all the rest.

Your Favorite Aunts, Kevin Garcia & Rev. Sarah Heath

Kelsey McKinney, author of God Spare the Girls

New Essay at Religion Dispatches

Footage of Segment on The Week with Joshua Johnson

TONIGHT: Appearing on MSNBC’s The Week with Joshua Johnson

Good Christian Fun with Caroline Ely & Kevin T. Porter

Josie Jimenez

Emily Joy Allison Discusses #SBC21 & #ChurchToo Direct Action

#SBC21 & The New Conservative Resurgence Among Southern Baptists

Irreverent Media Spotlight: A Tiny Revolution w/ Kevin Garcia

On Reading (and Writing, and Podcasting, etc)

Re-Release: Mark Russell on Religion, Satire, and Superheroes

The Making of Biblical Womanhood with Beth Allison Barr

Rev. Lenny Duncan

Quick note to subscribers - new entries coming soon!

Introducing the Irreverent Media Group

Introducing the Irreverent Media Group!

White Evangelical Racism with Dr. Anthea Butler

The Good Books: White Evangelical Racism

Exvangelicals in the News

Monday Member Thread: Let's talk about the latest episode!

Emily Joy Allison Wrote the Book on #ChurchToo

"He had a bad day."

The End of White Evangelical Hegemony

The Good Books: #ChurchToo

"We're not The Nones. We're The Dones."

Andrew Phelan & John Potter of Magnified Pod

Laura Polk Returns (to discuss the Religious Right)

The importance of emotional work.

IRL with Chris Stedman

Notes on a season in-progress

Tuesday Open Thread, 1/26/21

If you're on Clubhouse, join me and Brad Onishi in conversation.

The work continues.

Sins of Omission, Or, 1,553 Days Later.

Republicans continue culture warring, even after Capitol Riot.

The Outcome of White Evangelical Power: Sedition & Insurrection.

The culmination of white evangelical/Christian nationalist influence & power is insurrection.